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What can you afford?

Buying a property is a big step involving a long-term financial commitment so think hard about what you can afford. You will need to consider the assets you have – like savings – as well as the money that’s coming in and going out.

Finding the ideal property

You will need to consider what aspects of a property are most important to you. Tell us exactly what type of property you are looking for and the elements that you could possibly compromise on.

  • New/Old property
  • Location
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Kitchen, dining room, living room
  • Private garden
  • Possible renovation costs

The area:

If you’re moving to a new area you may want to do some research to see if it is suitable for your lifestyle. Useful information about Limassol and the rest of the island (nearby amenities and facilities) can be provided upon request by our agents.

    Getting the most out of viewings:

    Use our detailed property descriptions and do your homework before we visit the property together – let’s use our time during the viewing to inspect and determine whether it is what you’re really looking for.

    Negotiating and making an offer:

    Once you have found the property of your dreams, the next step is to make an offer. In collaboration with us, we will ensure you get the best offer. We will do the negotiating for you and get the best possible deal.

    If you’re getting a loan

    The biggest ongoing cost when buying a property is the loan you will be taking out. You can’t sell the property without paying off your loan and if you don’t keep up the repayments the lender can repossess the property. Generally, the best mortgage deals are available to people who put in a sound deposit; the higher the deposit the better the lending terms.

    How much is your property worth?

    Get your future property valued by independent RICS surveyors GPLC.

    Offer accepted. What next?

    The exchange of contracts is the last stage of the legal process; we guide and advise you throughout the registry procedures in Cyprus.
    Moving day tips:

    • Use a good removal form and save time and cost by doing some of the packing yourself
    • Don’t try to do all the moving in one day – break it up
    • Redirect post beforehand
    • Transfer utility bills beforehand

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