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Advantages of renting

It’s cheaper and more flexible than buying a property and of course you have less hassle with maintenance costs as the landlord covers them.

How to find a place to rent

You need to look for the type of property that suits your lifestyle. Further criteria are of course whether the property is furnished, if appliances are included in the price, if there is a garden etc.

What to look for on viewings

Is the property well maintained? Check for damp, heating and insulation. Is it furnished? Check all running taps to make sure they work properly. Is it secure? Are there communal areas? Are pets allowed?

Budgeting and finances

Are the bills included in the rent? How much would water and electricity bills be on average? Are there extra charges for communal areas cleaning and maintenance? Are guarantors required? Is it a fixed term tenancy and what deposit would you need to make?

Contract review

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant can be tedious that’s why we are here! We will go through the contract with you to make sure you understand all the clauses. If you’re not satisfied with certain aspects of the contract we can negotiate for you.

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