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Preparing to sell

People have different reasons for selling; however, once you have decided to sell think about what you want to include in the sale. Normally, fixtures and fittings such as central heating are included in the price but other moveable things can be up for negotiation. If you are getting rid of items you no longer need, do it before you start marketing your property as the less clutter you have the faster your house will sell. Also remember to give your agent other useful documents and facts about your property, which they can mention to potential buyers, such as building regulations certificates.

How much is your house worth?

You probably have a rough idea of how much you’d like to sell for, but through consultation with us and an official valuation you can make an informed decision on final asking price.

Selling with Louis Estates

Estate agents spend all day, every day selling property and as a result have built up a vast knowledge and expertise in the whole buying and selling process. We will conduct a valuation on your property, handle viewings and negotiations on your behalf and make sure your property is marketed properly. Our aim is to achieve the best possible price for your property and the best buyer, thereby avoiding disappointment and stress from less serious potential buyers. On top of this our team of professionals will also be able to offer you plenty of advice along the way.

Prepare for potential buyers’ viewings

Always put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and aim to make your property as appealing as possible.

  • Keep it clean and tidy. De-clutter and use sensible storage. Potential buyers will want to visualise how they can fill the space.
  • Undertake any minor repairs that need doing so buyers will need to really try hard to find any negatives.
  • If you want to re-decorate, go for neutral tones, which will appeal to a wider audience.
  • Make your house comfortable, cool on hot sunny days and warm if it’s winter.
  • Banish smoke or pet odours. Open the windows, brew some fresh coffee and add finishing touches such as fresh flowers, to brighten the place up.
  • Bring out the best features such as fireplaces and use mirrors to increase the sense of space.

Ensure sale goes smoothly

This is exactly why we are here – to handle this procedure for you, liaising with you every step of the way until the selling process is completed.

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